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Dalechek Tech Talk

Dalechek Help Desk


Anyone who runs a business knows that lost productivity will negatively affect your organization, including the loss of potential clients, opportunities, and revenue. 24/7 support with proactive management and monitoring to minimize downtime is vital to preventable problems.

As it stands, the basic Microsoft 365 suite has a solution for just about every foreseeable work, organization, or learning issue. There is a program for every kind of task and enough features in each program to maximize productivity. However, for every tool there are issues that occasionally arrive. This is where Dalechek’s Help Desk comes in.

If you have ever wrestled with Excel formulas or Word’s headers, you know how difficult learning a new Microsoft product or feature can be. Many of us have resorted to avoiding a feature we couldn’t master, or even suffering through clunky YouTube tutorials in a pinch. Nearly all of these issues and annoyances can be eliminated with the help of Dalechek Help Desk.

Here are our top 6 issues that our Help Desks Engineers solve:

  1. Password Resets/ Account Lockouts (Common for any help desk)
  2. Various Issues with Microsoft Office Applications
    (Top 4-  1. Outlook, 2. Word, 3. Excel 4. Teams)
  3. Compromised Accounts
  4. Software- Often related printer issues
  5. VPN connection issues
  6. Hardware issues
    (Top 3- 1. Internal Storage 2. Monitors not displaying 3. docking station not charging laptop)

We’re there to accommodate the everyday employee.  

Experts are standing by…

We have streamlined our internal processes to get you the assistance you need as fast as possible. With hundreds of years of combined experience accessible to you at the push of a button, you can tackle any technical issues as they arise. Our help desk team reactively works to resolve IT challenges, proactively monitor your systems, run performance reports, and will alert your organization about problematic systems before you experience major difficulties. We take care of all the complex issues on the back end so your in-house employees are free to focus on profitable tasks.

…Around the Clock

With many businesses having the typical 9-5 office hours, it means end-users are often left with no IT support after hours. Lucky for you, Dalechek has several offices across the continental US, with employees ready to take your call at all times. The “trial and error” approach to IT is a thing of the past. Our competent, trained engineering team can quickly access your computer systems remotely and resolve technical issues for you, so you can focus on other important business needs.


Dalechek offers Help Desk Service Programs to fit your organization’s unique IT needs. From our “Per User” programs to our “Dedicated Staff” program, Dalechek has tailored packages that keep you from paying for more than you need. When selecting a program, it’s important to assess your current ticket volume, the amount of users you have, help desk shifts needed and more. For further assistance, a Dalechek account manager would be happy to talk through your specific needs to determine the right fit.

Per User Program:
Per User Program is best suited for small business with at least 25 users This program includes end-user and device support.

Dedicated Staff Program:
Our Dedicated Staff Program is best suited for larger business of 100 or more users or business seeking customizable services. This program is priced for staffing only and can be adjusted for businesses to utilize Dalechek’s patching, AV, and remediation tools.

Per Ticket Program:
Our Per Ticket Program is best suited for businesses requesting at least 75 support calls a month who are seeking end user support only, not device support. This program recommends the user of the organizations patching, anti-virus, and remediation tools.  Dalechek also has an option to utilize our tools at an additional monthly cost.

Focusing on our customer’s satisfaction means being ready at all times to deliver relief. We pride ourselves on team members that have client empathy and are driven to solve end-users’ challenges and ensure our quality of service is satisfactory.

You can count on Dalechek as your go-to resource to help solve your IT challenges.

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