What type of up front fee should I anticipate?

There are no upfront fees! Dalechek will perform an assessment and provide findings and recommendations. Costs will start to incur to reach a baseline if required (minimum software/hardware levels) or migration. Dalechek will not charge a client without the clients consent and discussions.

How quick are your response times?

Dalechek has service-level agreements (SLAs) in place and based on the severity of the issue being addressed, times can vary.  Dalechek makes every attempt to have an engineer answer calls and requests.

Can you cover third shift requirements?

Currently, Dalechek has a third party call center that answers calls to Dalechek’s helpdesk number.  The call center then begins a call tree to a Dalechek engineer to engage in issue resolution.  Third shift requirements vary from company to company. Please contact us for your requirements.

What reporting can I expect?

Reporting is based on what MSP program you are in. Monthly reporting at a minimum will be available to the POC of the agreement or any other requested individuals in the company.

What are MSP limitations and what do they entail?

For better efficiency and service, there are certain cap/limitations associated with each individual managed services program. Please visit our managed services programs page to learn more.

Why do some of your MSP programs require additional MSPs?

In order to provide the best possible experience and overall support, certain MSPs will require additional MSP purchase(s) and will need to be managed by Dalechek. Please view our program limitations under our managed services programs page to learn more.

How will my organization be billed for a MSP program?

Our managed services programs are billed on a consistent monthly basis, per contractual agreement length. The only exception is our Azure Managed Services Program, due to varying monthly consumption. We accept debit, credit, and ACH payments through our secure online invoicing platform, ConnectBooster.