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What is Microsoft 365?

April 22, 2021, Written by 0 comment
Dalechek Tech Talk

Dalechek - What is Microsoft 365?Microsoft 365 is a largely subscription-based service that provides users with an array of programs with which they can conduct a seemingly endless amount of different processes. The undeniably massive range of the Microsoft 365 suite is due in large part to its variety. Users have access to sophisticated programs that are the backbone of the modern-day work environment. With accessible applications that serve as some of the most important tools for businesses around the world. It is difficult to overstate the fact that Microsoft 365 is such a widely popular service, and the communication/collaboration focused tools that it offers are only made more efficient as a result of its popularity.

The list of products that make up Microsoft 365 is substantial, but many of its programs interact with one another. The modular nature of the suite of programs means that any user, company, or team can pick and choose not only which programs are most relevant to their operation, but also choose which programs that occupy similar niches fit their preference best. In this article we break the list of programs down into five loose groups based on their primary purposes. Helping companies with this sort of categorization is just the beginning of what Dalechek provides. We step in and assist companies in choosing the right Microsoft 365 Subscriptions, Licenses, and add-ons to fit their growth projections.  We have in-house Microsoft Specialists that will do a review of your current licenses, develop a detailed plan, and follow up to fit the requirements of each individual in the company. By managing your Microsoft services, Dalechek helps you and your company lower operational costs.

Access and Excel

Quantitative information, databases, charts, and tables are an important part of almost every business. Finances, record keeping, and list making of all kinds can be handled by these two programs alone. Managing data is a snitch with these Microsoft 365 programs, and they interact with one another perfectly while retaining the ability to act independently.

Kaizala, Microsoft Lists, Planner, and Microsoft To-Do

Time and task management are built into several of Microsoft’s applications. However, these four are much more focused on it. Kaizala is the easiest choice for mobile task management from a smartphone, but each of these have mobile capability and can suffice. If you are interested in planning events, keeping track of due dates, monitoring progress, or regimenting your daily schedule, with Microsoft 365 you have a variety of options.

Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Project, SharePoint, Whiteboard, Yammer, and Delve

In any relationship, professional or otherwise, effective communication and collaboration are the key to success. So, it is no wonder that there are so many applications from Microsoft that specialize in streamlining communications of all kinds. Video and voice chatting capability have become the standard for long-distance communication, and both are incorporated into several of these applications to increase their utility. Additionally, many of these programs facilitate the sharing of files from other Microsoft applications to make teamwork as seamless as possible. Connect with your team members, plan meetings, and collaborate on projects to ensure your success.

Forms, OneNote, and Word

Anyone who wants to communicate complex ideas from time to time will find a use for these word processing programs. Their importance to the creation of literature of all kinds is admirable, and their inclusion of tools that allow for the creation of multimedia documents means that many users treat them as one-stop-shops. From the early days of writing ones first essays in elementary school, through the entirety of one’s professional life, and even into the years of comfortable retirement, you will find occasion to write. Having access to a program that provides spell checking, formatting tools, and templates will make the writing process take a shorter time and yield greater results.

PowerPoint, Publisher, Stream, Sway, and Visio

Presentations are often the most information dense way to display completed work. The goal is to keep your view engaged with thoughtful, but to the point information.  A presentation is the best way to engage an audience, while an inadequate presentation can pose the opposite reaction.   Keeping someone’s attention can make all the difference in work. Countless salesmen, educators, and public speakers across the globe have Microsoft’s accessible programs to thank for their careers. Building an idea, product, or lesson into a fully fleshed out presentation is easier than ever with these tools. Creating slideshows, videos, flowcharts, and sharing them with your eager audience is done best with Microsoft 365.

The added Value of a Dalechek Managed Services Program

All of these options can be a lot to handle. Deciding which programs to use and when, knowing how to navigate unfamiliar tools, and figuring out complex issues like security can be hard to do alone. That is where Dalechek comes in.

Our Microsoft 365 Managed Services Program (MSP) manages your Microsoft 365 tenant by combining multiple Dalechek MSPs plus OneDrive and other widely used Microsoft applications that come with your subscription. Additionally, our clients receive round-the-clock support for Teams, SharePoint, Email Services, Advanced Security, Office Applications and more. By participating in Dalechek’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services Program, you will enhance your experience with the entire Microsoft 365 suite.

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