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How We Saved A Client Over 52k A Year With Our Microsoft License Review

February 17, 2023, Written by 0 comment

A Microsoft Licensing Case Study


  • The client desires a value-added customer-engaged Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) to manage their entire Microsoft cloud lifecycle directly
  • Experienced multiple CSP moves to try to find the right Partner fit and service level
  • Looking for guidance to determine if an existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with an upcoming renewal is the best option for the company
  • To prevent uncontrolled costs, they also wanted the ability to adjust licenses and products readily

The Process 

  • The client requested that Dalechek provide a review of current licensing models and determine which would most appropriately fit the organization’s environment and then help to evaluate licensing options
  • The client provided the necessary information for a Microsoft License Review
    • Microsoft 365 admin center
      • Active Users
      • Licenses
      • Products screenshot showing the subscription end date
    • Microsoft Volume Licensing
      • Relationship Summary
      • License Summary
    • Microsoft Direct
      • Microsoft Invoices – annual
      • Renewal
      • True-up spreadsheet
    • Licensing reconciliation was created to compare current entitlements to establish a baseline
    • Discuss Client company goals to determine alignment with current vs. future licensing
    • Recommendations based on initial findingsSavings Opportunity

Savings Opportunity

  • The Microsoft License Review gave the Client insight into their current license cost commitment and empowered them to see the flexibility they could experience without incurring unnecessary costs
  • They are now in control of their costs …the opportunities Dalechek uncovered will enable the Client to change subscriptions and license counts effortlessly and only pay for what is needed.
  • The client is on track to Switch from Microsoft EA to CSP
    • They were not receiving discounts that justified staying on an EA
    • Over-licensed by $52,171/year
    • 11% savings opportunity identified
    • This will enable the company to add/remove licenses when needed


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