Managed Services

Fact Finding

Meeting to determine client’s needs and goals.


High level assessments focusing on AD, Exchange, SQL Servers, Network, high-level Security Assessments, server and workstation inventory.

MSP Agreement

Client signs the MSP Agreement and becomes an MSP client.


Kickoff meeting sets stage for next steps and expectations throughout the contract period.

Peace of mind for your business

Technology needs are changing faster than most companies can keep up with. Let Dalechek Technology Group focus on your technology needs and how you fit into an evolving industry while you focus on your core business. Serving as your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Dalechek Technology Group will help your business stay productive while protecting your data and improving IT functionality and effectiveness. We have the ability to start new projects right away so you don’t have to hire, train, and manage new employees.


Take a load off your IT team while improving service when you allow Dalechek Technology Group’s team of experts take over your help desk. We provide a Network Operations Center (NOC) for end users to place emergency calls and submit incident tickets and monitor server alerts. Support like this ensures your team can focus on your core business while your end users experience consistent, personal, quality service. We can supplement your current staff on a long-term or short-term basis.


Allow Dalechek Technology Group to act as your Virtual Chief Information Officer and partner with you to plan, budget, and develop client-centered IT strategies to alleviate your pain points. We make it a priority to understand your business and culture. Regularly scheduled meetings ensure a constant two-way flow of communication.

Remote Monitoring

You can rest easy knowing that your systems and devices are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dalechek Technology Group provides software patching, anti-virus management, backup monitoring, self-healing scripts, and preventive alerts. We provide a proactive approach minimizing downtime.

Onsite Support

We make it our top priority to help resolve your technical issues and keep your business running smoothly. When necessary, Dalecheck Technology Group will send one of our expert technicians for an on-site visit to resolve any issues.

Dalechek Managed Service Provider Process

The following is the process a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) client takes throughout the contract period (usually 12 months). The schedule helps the client and Dalechek Technology Group to stay on track, balance scheduling needs and plan for the future.

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Technology Alignment (First 90 Days)

The Technology Alignment phase encompasses the first 90 days of the MSP contract. The Technology Alignment allows DTG to get the client “baseline” and understand the culture and core business of the client. In the first 90 days, DTG will make every effort to incorporate “best practices” into the client. During the first 90 days DTG will have vCIO meetings, DTG Admin Days, Backup Validation, Technology Assessments and findings and potential projects to assist the client to get to “best practices”. Moving forward past the 90 days, DTG will have a more proactive environment to maintain.

vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

Meetings between DTG personnel and client key personnel on a minimum monthly scheduled meeting. The goal of the meetings is to keep a two way flow of communications between DTG and client. DTG wants to understand not only the technology but also the culture of the client. Meetings will be focused on technology planning, budgeting and developing unique IT strategies.

On-site Support

DTG will make every attempt to resolve issues remotely. Sometimes that is not possible. When it is required, DTG and client will determine that an issue requires a technical person to come on-site to resolve the issue.

RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

DTG will manage and monitor your devices 24×7. Software patching, anti-virus management, backup monitoring, self-healing scripts and preventive alerts allow DTG to provide a proactive approach minimizing downtime.


DTG provides a Network Operations Center (NOC) for end-users to place emergency calls and submit incident tickets. The helpdesk also receives server alerts for monitoring allowing DTG to react to an incident immediately.

30-Day Status Report

DTG will provide the client with a 30-day status report each month tracking submitted tickets and resolutions. This allows the client to see that end users are taken care of and what issues are being raised by the end users. This also allows DTG to analyze tickets for issue patterns and discuss resolutions with the client.

Backup Validation

DTG understands that performing backups is only half the job, restoring is just as important. DTG will perform sample restores of clients backed up data in month 2 and month 8 of your MSP contract. This will validate the restores in a sampled test.

DTG Admin Day

DTG administration days will be conducted every quarter during the MSP contract. During this time an engineer will come on site and perform software testing on your environment to ensure a baseline is being maintained. The DTG engineer will then provide a follow up meeting to discuss findings.

Quarterly Review

DTG will work with key decision makers, points of contact or any other personnel deemed necessary to address issues and remediation should any arise. vCIO and DTG Admin Days will provide a combination of technical reviews aligned with ongoing strategic decisions to keep DTG and the client on track to achieve the client’s goals.

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