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With many financial indicators pointing toward an economic downturn, businesses need to take proactive steps to secure their finances. And IT departments are often the first place companies look to cut costs.

Our reliable Managed Service Programs (MSPs) are designed to handle the day-to-day tasks required to keep your IT running smoothly and securely at a fraction of the costs of full-time headcount. Our experienced experts collaborate and consult with your existing IT staff to meet your goals.

For a limited time, Dalechek is offering a FREE* month of service when you sign a 12-month MSP agreement!

A 30-minute call today could save you thousands next month! This offer is good through August 19th. So, hurry up and book your call today. Timeslots are filling up fast.

Dalechek MSP Benefits

Time is money.  An unpredictable IT outage and the time struggling to resolve the problem could end up costing your business significantly.  Dalechek’s MSP programs are designed to minimize outages and receive alerts if something should occur.  Dalechek designed our MSP programs in teams of experts to allow more than a single person to work on your business.  This helps with team members coming and going and sharing overall knowledge.

When technology cannot keep up with your business, that costs the business money as well.  Too often employees spend too much time trying to fix tech problems.  Dalechek MSPs work to trend problems so we can proactively resolve them minimizing future issues.

With Dalechek MSPs, you know what the monthly budgeted costs will be.  If an issue occurs outside of the MSP, Dalechek will work with you on estimated level of effort to resolve the issue.  Our goal is to keep your IT systems running and up to date to avoid costly issues and fixes.

As your business grows or retracts, our MSPs are designed to move at your pace.  Our flexibility allows Dalechek to expand or retract based on your needs.

Dalechek MSP programs are designed to be mutual exclusive of each other.  If you have a need for SQL management, but not Server, Dalechek only focuses on SQL.  If you have a need for monitoring and alerting on certain devices only and not a full Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), then we only focus on alerting and monitoring.  Our programs have some overlap but can be utilized by clients as needed.

*Dalechek Managed Services incentive offering of 12-month agreement get the 13th month free is good for a credit up to $10,000 in month thirteen.  This offer does not include Azure costs, staff augmentation, or licensing.  To be considered for this offer, the prospect must have completed a thirty-minute consultation call with Dalechek by August 19, 2022, and sign a 12 month agreement prior to October 1, 2022.  The credit value will be applied in the 13th month defined as the month following the initial 12-month agreement.


We value the people and the workforce behind your technology needs and make it a priority to truly understand the ins and outs of your business.


Our passion and focus is to develop long-term, strategic, technology partnerships with our clients.


We see ourselves from our clients’ perspective.


We are bound by our actions.


 We accomplish more as a team than as an individual.


We will ALWAYS get away with the truth.


We believe in doing what is right for our clients.


We believe anything can happen with hard work and dedication.


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