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Microsoft Licensing

Week 1 - April 28, 2021
Microsoft 365 Business VS Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Microsoft 365 Business VS Microsoft 365 Enterprise


Our licensing specialist will be exploring the difference between Microsoft Business vs Microsoft Enterprise.   We’ll showcase the benefits of having one vs the others, along with the typical use cases we see with each option.  Use this as a resource to decide which Microsoft licenses fit in your organization and when the best time to upgrade is.

Week 2 - May 5, 2021
Different types of Microsoft Licenses


Join live as our in-house specialist dive into the different options and availability within Microsoft licensing. Each license is as unique as and can be purchased based on your business requirements.

Week 3 - May 12, 2021
Microsoft: Licenses vs Subscriptions vs Add-ons


Microsoft applications are available based on the users assigned licenses. This means applications are grouped based on the task, usage, security, and size of an organization. An individual or group of users will need a license to access these applications but, within those licenses a user may have additional add-on programs to reduce unnecessary pricing for the whole group of users.


Are you using an E3 or E5 license for your business? Did you know the differences between each license? We’ll showcase the logic we use when making the decision and showcase the details of each one.

Week 4 - May 19, 2021
E3 vs E5 Licenses- The details on each

Week 5 - May 26, 2021
Reviewal and Renewals. Staying updated on your Licenses


With an array of licenses to choose from and a constant change in names & pricing, staying updated on the latest in Microsoft is a full time job. Ensure your organization is compliant and knowledgeable when it comes to the access of your business applications.

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