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Keep Your Environment Under Control With Dalechek’s Managed SCCM Service

March 18, 2019, Written by 0 comment
Dalechek Tech Talk

With all the talk of cloud recently, it’s easy to forget we still have significant on-premise management needs. Constantly evolving applications have thrown systems administrators into an entirely new management paradigm, and the need to stay ahead of the management curve is becoming even more critical as Windows 7 goes end of life on January 14, 2020. (Are you ready?).

In fact, we hear several common questions from IT administrators:

  • How can I spend less time imaging and managing my Windows PCs?
  • Are my devices caught up on updates?
  • How can I deploy updates with minimal disruption?
  • I bought Adobe Acrobat for a user, but I don’t think they’re actually using it; is there a way for me to check?
  • What do I do if I need to roll out a new application to my desktops?
  • My laptops aren’t always on the corporate network, but I need to manage them. What can we do?

Of course, there’s one answer for all of these: System Center Configuration Manager, or SCCM for short. SCCM is the one product most people have heard of – one that some organizations currently use, and one that few administrators truly master.

Often, if an organization is using SCCM, they’re burdening an existing administrator with this complex and ever-changing system, or leaving functionality on the table that could improve the lives of both users and administrators alike. SCCM is such a broad-reaching, in-depth product that requires years of management training and experience to operate; is it worth it for an organization to maintain a single expert in-house just for this one product?

That’s where we come in.

What we do

Dalechek Technology Group is proud to offer our Managed SCCM Service, a “Configuration Manager admin in a box” solution to help you manage all your Windows devices. This is a monthly, subscription-based service that allows you to completely offload your SCCM tasks to one of our experienced SCCM engineers.

Here are some highlights of the service:

Yes, you’re reading that right: If you don’t currently have SCCM installed, we will install it for you – all you need to do is provide the licenses. If you haven’t migrated to Windows 10, we’ll build and deploy your upgrade. Let us know when you’d like Microsoft and application updates to go out, and we’ll take care of deploying and provide status updates. We can even automate new PC builds to ensure you spend as little time as possible preparing PCs, in most cases less than 10 minutes of touch time prior to handing the device to a user. We’ll also handle all the maintenance of SCCM itself, including a one-week best practices and functionality alignment, if you already have SCCM.

How it works

DTG has many years of experience in management and optimization of SCCM. We most commonly assist in break/fix for existing environments, or configuring new deployments, and now we’re offering the same level of expertise as an all-in-one package you have access to every day. We’ve learned the most efficient methods to achieve amazing results in SCCM, which allows us to offer this level of management as a service, while being far more cost effective and allowing the rest of your team to focus on what’s important.

How to get started

We’re very excited to have a deeper dive on this program and how it can help you. To meet the team, as well as learn about pricing and other details, please reach out to DTG for more information.

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